Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Little Friend

It was coming down cats and dogs. For months it hadn’t rained, but heavens just decided to cut lose. The fragrance of rain and soil was all over me. Sitting on the window drinking hot black coffee I realized some distance away a little puppy was struggling in the rain. For some time I kept observing the little creature and then decided that I had to help. Put on my jacket and went there. It was really coming down hard. One fear hanging over my head was of his mother, so I panned all around to see if she was around. I could not find any trace of her and his siblings. I remember there were six of them barely 6-7 day olds. I reached the little pup, drenched completely it was finding hard even to stand on its feet. Till date it remains one of the two cutest thing I have ever come across**don’t ask for the other one :P**. I just sat there around the little guy using my jacket to sheild it from the downpour. It was trembling continuously barely managing to open the eyes.
There was a shed nearby across a raised platform. That was the best place I thought of taking this cute pup to. I put my hands around it and it trembled fast. The bones in the chest felt against my hand as I held it softly but it slipped out on to the mud. I picked it up again this time more firmly. It shied but then settled nicely. I took it to the shed and placed it in there. There was a raised platform that separated the place from which I picked it up and the shed I put it in. I sat there for a while looking at it and smiling. After a while the eyes opened and we could talk through eyes. Suddenly I realized that its mother was somewhere around. Concerned about my own self I vacated that shed and went back. On my way I saw the mother looking for the pup. She could hear the voice and headed in the direction of the shed. It felt good to do something of worth.
The coffee mug lay on the table, it was cold. I settled on the window again. The mother had changed direction. It didn’t cross the platform and went the other way. This wasn’t something that I had thought. She grew restless, so did I. She started to run in all directions and then went exactly opposite to where she had to be. I ran out, this time without the jacket. It was still raining hard. I reached the shed. The little pup was trembling badly. I picked it up and put it on other side of the platform. I took off my shirt and tried to shield it from rain. To an extent it helped. The mother was nowhere to be seen. Only the voice of its puppy could have brought her back. But that was criminal. I had no other option. I hit the little pup. It screamed. I struck again, it screamed louder. It worked, I could see her mother running at me from a distance. I jumped across the platform to save myself. She embraced the puppy, licked it all over. From a distance I could see her trying to warm the pup. She tried to hold it in her jaws and take away. She was struggling to hold her. The little pup wasn’t able to walk. She jumped on the platform and barked, she jumped down and tried pushing it up. I could see that she was trying to take it to the shed. I thought of helping her out. But she jumped at me like a tigress. I desisted from any further help. But being a spectator is not always easy. The rain was not relenting even a bit. For half an hour she struggled and then ran away. I took the opportunity and put the pup in the shed. She returned after a while and this time she could locate the voice.
Relieved I left the place. I made myself another cup of coffee. It rained for a few more hours and not again for months. Next morning before leaving for the college, I decided to see the pup. I went to the place where they usually played. When I reached there, I could find all the five siblings but the pup I was looking for. The mother was also not there. I grew worried. I looked around, nowhere could I find them. I ran to the shed and found them there. The little pup and the mother. Closer I went, a bit scared, the pup was motionless. The mother weeping. The little creature could not bear the onslaught of nature. I sunk to my knees. The whole episode passed through my eyes. I wished it hadn’t rained. I wished I could have done things differently. I wished I had not interfered. I wished I had not existed.

Strange are the ways of nature. Stranger its being.