Sunday, June 2, 2013

A flight beyond Horizon

The wind had picked up speed and started to blow hard. The whole tree was swirling with gusts of wind. Right on the top a bird stayed firm, rooted to its nest. Sanity beckoned a flight, evacuation of the nest, but it stayed on. The eggs that she had laid made her defy logic. The wind kept blowing hard for hours taking down many trees from their roots, but somehow this tree and the nest remained intact. Days later the eggs hatched and sweet little creatures opened their eyes to this amazing creation of God. The bird kept taking small flights to bring back food for the new ones. It could not stay away for long as predators were always on the lookout. Days past and the season changed. All of them had learnt how to fly except one. But there was no choice but to migrate. Staying back this time for one would have meant doom for others as well. She decided to move on, leaving behind the weak one behind, praying to God for its well being.
It did not know flying, there was no food to eat, there was no warmth of the mother to combat weather. The whole day passed and hunger grew along. By evening it decided to fly, but how. It was the most love of them all. The mother had always shown more love, pampered it always. The risk had to be taken. The unknown had to be conquered. It had seen mother teach the rest how to fly, how to spread the wings, how to let fall free till it started to float. The wings were weak but there was no other choice. There was no mother to feed. It closed the eyes and pushed forward. For a moment it looked like making it, but the weak wings could not sustain and it fell bang on ground. Eyes started to close and breath wobbled. A man walking past saw the little bird struggle to survive.
He picked it up and went back home. The little bird had found another mother to take care of, to feed, to pamper. For months the man made sure that the little bird had everything it needed. The little bird was loved and lived like no one else. But the man knew this had to change. The bird had to fly, had to be with other birds. The love that man had grown for the bird was making him selfish. But deep inside he knew it had to change. The little bird grew up and now could fly. It would take long flights but always made sure it came back to the man. The man would sit for hours looking the little bird fly high in sky, do all the tricks. It gave him pleasure that nothing else ever had. The little bird meant everything to him.
Once the bird took a flight and found a flock of birds. They flew together and enjoyed each other’s company. But the little bird decided to come back to the man. The other birds followed and sat outside the window. Next day they again took flight and spend the whole day together. The man was growing concerned seeing the little bird go away. But the bird came back again. The little bird would have never gone anywhere for the man was way too special.
One day the man decided to let go the bird, into its own world. Live its own life, be itself. The bird took the flight and they flew high in the sky. The man sat on the window watched them play happily. It gave him pleasure that nothing else would. But he had decided to let go the most precious thing from his life. It was hurting him but he knew that was in best interest of the little bird. With a heavy heart, he closed the window and put curtains on. The bird came back in the evening but found window closed. It sat there for hours crying waiting for the window to open but nothing moved. Days passed and nothing moved. Tears just kept flowing. The birds decided to move on. They flew away and man moved curtains, watched them fly away. Tears kept rolling down his eyes but he knew it was best for the bird.

Love can’t be Selfish; it’s always beyond Logic, beyond Gestures