Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fire in Babylon-II

‘Fire in Babylon’ is slated for 21st September release in India. The movie about glorious ‘bygone’ years of Caribbean cricket might not be able to attract crowds to PVR cinemas but T20 hire guns like Gayle, Pollard, Bravo and Sunil Narine are household names in sub-continent.
In T20 leagues across the world most of the Caribbean players have proven records. But then their performance as a team for West Indies has always been questioned. Gayle has had his share of issues with the board and management, Bravo, Pollard and Narine have all favored their IPL franchise’s over national priorities. No one has any doubt about their match winning abilities but how well they perform on the day and as a team remains to be seen.
On paper though, the line-up looks scary for any opposition. The conditions in Srilanka are no different to the low and slow pitches back in Caribbean. Gigantic Gayle and resurgent Dwayne Smith make for a deadly opening duo followed by Darren Bravo and Marlon Samuels. The all-rounders Dwayne Bravo, Pollard, Sammy, Russell and Ramdin just keep coming at you. A good day for any one of them means a decent total on board. The bowling line doesn’t threaten to blast anyone out of their presence. Both Rampaul and Edwards possess guile to provide stability. Throw in the tweakers and rollers like Samuels, Gayle, Sammy, Pollard, Russell and Bravo have always suffocated  the run rate in the middle overs, and that is what they should be looking to do. The trump card for Sammy is surely going to be Narine. He arrived in IPL with a similar reputation which had engulfed Ajantha Mendis but Narine not only lived upto the hype even enhanced it. The way Sammy uses Narine is going to be very critical to the chances of West Indies.
Another critical factor could well be Marlon Samuels. He is by far the most gifted player in the world at the moment. His contribution with both bat and bowl will make a huge difference. He along with Darren Bravo provide stability in an otherwise line-up of dashers. Also the flexibility of batting order will be important. Pollard and Dwayne Bravo should be floated as per the situation. Sammy must abstain from having Charles as wicketkeeper. Ramdin, anyday, has secure gloves than Charles and in T20 format it can be decisive.
These bunch of cricketers from Caribbean might not have the skill set to match the gladiators of 80’s but they surely have the talent to showcase Pyrotechnics, unheard and unseen in the Pearl Island.
Show Time Folks- Fire in Babylon-II