Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Questioning Beliefs: part 1

Just search for meaning of word 'religion' in Google and in 0.26 seconds it throws up 26,500,000 results. Let me add one more to that list.

"Religion is a set of rules devised by some people in society who want to control it”

Last time I used this statement was in the Group Discussion of SCIT and there was a lull after I finished speaking. I knew what had happened and what is in store for me. I did not make the cut. No regrets though.

For me the very concept of religion is corrupt. It’s a set of beliefs that people follow blindly and call it a way to please God. As Osho would say “Belief is Bondage, Faith liberates”. That’s what religion is ‘BONDAGE’. Just trace back a few years in history and this statement validates.

Taking Sikhism as a reference; depending on your own preference you can take pointers and think of any.

The very essence of what Guru Nanak and 35 other gentleman talked about, completely lost relevance after Sikhism came into existence. Every single word, every single shabad in Guru Granth Sahib talks praise of the almighty, denounces beliefs, practices and traditions. Guru Nanak travelled from India to Middle East, went into discussions with leading religious leaders and convinced them on the path of salvation (enlightenment). All through his life, starting early childhood when he refused wearing of Janehu (sacred thread in Hindu’s), in haridwar where he questioned the belief of people practicing Surya Namaskar, to his dialogue with the Yogi’s and their practices of Yoga, to Mecca where he took on the concepts of Moulvi, he challenged the beliefs and practice based on the quotient of reasoning.

Guru Granth Sahib is a piece of poetic excellence that includes ‘Bani’ of 36 enlightened spiritual wizards. The sheer motive of compiling Guru Granth Sahib was to provide teachings of these people at one point. But unfortunately as it happened with Prophet Mohammed, Jesus Christ, Gautam Buddha and all, a religion got formed, carving a sect that practice something in the name of spirituality and divide humans from one another on the basis of practices and beliefs.

A baby born in a Sikh family becomes a Sikh by default but irony remains that even the children of Guru Nanak never became Sikhs. The word ‘Sikh’ means ‘disciple’, one who follows the path shown by Guru on his way to salvation of itruth. So question can be asked who is the Guru? Guru Nanak or the nine Gurus who followed him or Guru Granth Sahib, which has teachings of 36 spiritual Gurus or these sants and mahants who have mushroomed all over north India.

As per what is written in Guru Granth Sahib,

“bani guru, guru hai bani, vich bani amrit sarey

Guru bani kahe, sewak jan maney, pratakh Guru nistarey”

It means ‘word’ is the ‘guru’ and in the ‘word’ lies the ocean of nectar, and those who follow it (Sikh) gets the way to God.

Now another thing comes up what is Word? Whose word is it?

“dhur ki bani aayi, tin sagli chint mitai”

The ‘word’ from ‘God’ has come and it will take care of all the worries that are there.

“jaise mohey aave khasam ki bani,

taise tohe sunaun”

The way I am getting the word of Guru, as it is I am telling you.

So as per Guru Granth Sahib the ‘Word’ is ‘Divine’. It is from ‘God’ and not any mortal born on this planet.

But unfortunately the ‘word of God’ complied by Guru Arjan Dev in the form of Guru Granth sahib has become nothing more than a idol kept in a building that people call ‘Gurudwara’. A person ‘Bhai’ is appointed who takes care of performing some rituals, gets up early offers prayers, recites the shabads, perform ‘Ardas’ and people go there bow down to this idol and give some money to ‘Bhai’ so that he calls out there names while performing ‘Ardas’ so that their wishes come true.

A shabad from Kabir from Guru Granth Sahib says:

“ eent pathar jod ke masjid liye chadaye

Chad upar mulla bang de, kya behra hua khudaye”

Comparing this to what happens in gurudwara, the ‘Bhai’ appointed to take care of Guru Granth Sahib gets up early in the morning, fixes the loudspeaker and lets go full throttle. Just want to ask ‘Bhai ji’ …“kya behra hua khudaye”??

The very concept of ‘Bhai’ is corrupt. The guy reads SGGS day in, day out without understanding the meaning of a single word. Even if he does, he never follows that for that would mean he no more remains a ‘bhai’. Its his source of income. Its easy money as they say, putting ‘bani on sale’…

“maya kaaran vidya bechey, janam birtha jaye”

means ,if you are selling vidya (bani) for money,life is nothing more than a waste”

Even Guru Nanak, Kabir and all had different professionsto earn their livelihood rather than sitting and making fool of people putting ‘bani up for sale’

The life style of these mahants and sants is no less than kings and emperors but the real kings lived in extreme poverty be it kabir, nanak, jesus or any…..

To be continued….