Saturday, September 18, 2010

Questioning Beliefs: Introduction

It’s easy, actually very easy to go anti-establishment. Just read from here and there, listen to someone or just say I am different and just go slam bang. But living it in long run ain't easy. I have a tendency to do that, fail miserably all the time but one thing, one subject, one sphere I have held firm, withstood onslaught is RELIGION. Since childhood, I have been brought up in so called "minority". Statistically Sikhs are outnumbered comprehensively in the Kashmir valley. That means I am a Sikh. Yes, just because I was born in a Sikh family I am a Sikh. That’s the trend. Unfortunately! What a tragedy to a great concept. I sometimes pity GURU NANAK, for all his efforts and vision have gone wasted.

It has been a long struggle against establishment though at a small scale, family and friends. Tried once against the highest level as well, bad experience though. I would love to keep it organized, but as I am doing it for the first time, I mean jotting it down, so there are bound to be blunders. Expect them. Would try to minimize them though. Chapters would be ideal way to go, small topics and my take on them.

To begin with, people who have influenced me over the years. There have been numerous. To start off my MOM who tried shaping me ideally but I was in complete opposite quadrant, PAPA who always has stood besides be through every changing weather, FRIENDS won’t name because there are many, AMARJIT SINGH (cousin) with whom I have had discussions running into hours, BALBIR SINGH (cousin) who personality has always inspired me, M.P.SINGH, who gave me confidence to vent my feelings. All those AUTHORS that I've read over the years. All of them have shaped me up as I am today....

Some may say I have a repulsive rectum with bouncing balls in it. Trust me guys it’s not easy sitting down, listening to all the crap. These balls do make life a bit difficult but very different and challenging plus the level of satisfaction is utmost. I try not to get into discussions, as many feel that I force my opinion on them and often keep quite . But this is my blog, my space; I will write whatever I feel like.