Wednesday, August 4, 2010


If Kashmir is an integral part of India, “mighty” India if I put it correctly, then why give Kashmir a special status? Why not just treat it as say Orissa, Rajasthan or any other state. There has to be a reason behind this and it is well known, you don’t have to think out of this world to understand this. This is a silent admission by the "mighty" India that "yes" there is something wrong with the Kashmir issue from Indian side, for it would have not conceded an inch but its backing up big time. So what is the reason? Simple and plain! Cut back to 1947, the way India took over Kashmir is the reason, Kashmir’s accepted to be a part of India. Rightly so, this has to continue and this will.
If this is the way to go, India well might end up giving special status to several other states like Punjab, Maharashtra, North-east, the Naxal-hit areas, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal.
They say “as u sow, so shall u reap”. These seeds were sown in 1947 and they are reaping the harvest now.

Just talking about Kashmir, it was a part of Sikh empire and after its disintegration most of Sikh empire was taken over by the British and control of Kashmir went to the Dogra rulers. At the time of India’s independence and partition in 1947, Kashmir was still under the rule of Dorgas , with Hari Singh as ruler of Kashmir. Nehru, the Indian prime minister, and Patel were using carrot and stick policy everywhere to merge all the princely states in the Indian republic and ware successful. Pakistan devised a plan and under Maj. Gen. Akbar Khan raided Kashmir with the help of tribals and direct involvement of Pakistan military. Pakistan was of the view that Kashmir has a Muslim dominated population ruled by a Hindu ruler so Kashmir had to be liberated and made a part of Pakistan. Hari Singh, the ruler of Kashmir, asked Nehru for intervention. Nehru as shrewd as he was and his roots were from Kashmir, Gangu who is infamous in Sikh history was his ancestor, won’t touch that angle, took advantage of the situation and made Hari Singh an offer he could not reject. Offer was to merge in Indian union. He had no option but to sign treaty of accession and after that India mobilized its military to engage the tribals. Now the most significant turn in history of Jammu and Kashmir came. Sheikh Abdullah and Nehru both combined, both Kashmir’s by origin, wanted to keep control of Kashmir with Kashmiris. Jammu and Kashmir as a whole has distinct cultures, different languages, different religions. On linguistic ground, there were people who spoke Kashmiri, people speaking Pahadi (Gojri), people from Jammu speaking Dogri and the north Leh-Ladakh belt where population was not significant. In order to have control of Jammu and Kashmir, Kashmiri speaking people needed to be in the majority. So something had to be done. Simple, Pakistan was allowed to come into Kashmir till the point that where the Pahadi (gojri) speaking people where on other side and cease fire was called in as India approached United Nations for intervention. The plan worked fantastic. Truce was called in and line of control was defined. Jammu and Kashmir was divided into two parts, out of 222236 sq kms, 78114 sq kms went to Pakistan and that was called Pakistan occupied Kashmir Areas like Baltistan, Gilgit, Muzzafarabad, Hunza etc went on that side of the line-of-control. The current population of Azad Kashmir is more than 33,00,000 and that of Indian Administered is almost 40,00,000. So in way the tactics of two very shrewd gentlemen worked perfectly. Almost same Pahari (gojri) speaking population went on that side of the LOC. Electoral mandate came in hands of Kashmiri's, the Abdullah’s if I am more specific, and they have been ruling since then. Whatever any political party from outside valley does in Jammu and Kashmir, they just simply can't form a government.
This fact also gets support by events that have happened over the course of time. India had taken over HajiPir Pass, the most strategic point on LOC in 1965, but gifted it back while signing Tashkent agreement.In 1971 war 90000 standing Pakistan army surrendered; India had moved deep into Pakistan. The LOC could easily have been erased, whole of POK could have been taken over. But nothing of that order happened. Lately Indian government has started reacting to the issue, giving the reservations like along line of control, identifying Gujjars as Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe, re-construction of Mughal road. All these steps are being taken so that the bureaucratic stranglehold of Kashmiri's over the region is released and now one can see people from Poonch, Doda, Rajouri doing good and are visible in bureaucratic circles.
Coming back to the time when United Nation was called in to settle the issue. India approached the United Nation saying that tribals from Pakistan, backed by the regular army had invaded Jammu and Kashmir that was an integral part of India, as the ruler of Kashmir Hari Singh had acceded. The United Nation appointed UNCIP (United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan). Initially Pakistan denied role but later admitted their role as three Pakistan brigades of army were assisting tribals. United Nation taking note passed a resolution on 13th august 1948, dividing into three parts. First of which was cease fire "jo jis tha'n baitha, uthe beh jaye". Second part was for Pakistan to remove all its national and army and for India to remove all its army in bulk, leaving only a few to look upon the law and order situation. The third part clearly stated that both India and Pakistan had agreed on the point that the future status of Jammu and Kashmir shall be determined in accordance to the will of the people.
Yet Pakistan continued its adventure and showed aggression by taking over the northern part of Jammu and Kashmir. India did not object because it was serving the cause of both Nehru and Sheikh Abdullah. No part of the resolution was implemented, Pakistan still have their huge military presence in what they call "Azaad Kashmir", India in the name of counter insurgency have more military presence in Kashmir than anywhere else and the final "will of Kashmiri people" no one is asking for. People in Pakistan administered Kashmir are suffering at the hands of Pakistan government and same is happening at this side of line of control.
Terms are coined like Autonomy, Special status and so on, to show illusions to the people, wrapping same old pill with sugar coating. Politicians in Jammu and Kashmir, both mainstream and separatists, are ruling the roost. No accountability. Millions of Kashmir’s have lost their lives in a bloody struggle....some self styled so called leaders of Kashmir enjoy VVVIP status on both sides.
United Nations has failed miserably in implementing the resolution and who is suffering.
“Common Kashmiri”
How long will it continue?
How long will we suffer?
How many more precious lives will be lost?
How many mothers will live waiting for their children?
How many more sisters will be raped?
How many more questions?
Who has the answers??.....PERIOD

Bandishein nigahon par, paabandi sada’on par,
Kaise haal-e-dil kahein, bharosa sirf hava’on par.

Kab thehrega yeh dard, kab kategi yeh kaali raat,
Har maa kay dil ko hai, bharosa sirf dua’on par

** views are completely personal