Friday, July 30, 2010

Bringing down walls...Letting world in

Honestly admitting, there is reluctance, there are apprehensions but I am going through, I am bringing down the walls, I am letting the world in. I am back on google blog and I am letting you all know about it.
For me writing has been a way of giving a vent to my feelings. For years now have been writing regularly on Spaces and not let anyone know about it. I can't explain the reason for why I did so or why am I doing this right now, just that I am perhaps riding my impulse.
I tried facebook (notes) for a while but went back into the shell quickly simply because I could not handle that. The problem is that I only write what seems correct to me, only what convinces me and often its against the normal perception of people and they rightly dont agree. That doesnt mean I am not going to do it here. I am going full throttle and am not giving a damn to what people think about it***but there is an exception to this rule....its me who decides who is on which side of line***.
Read it or dont read it! Like it or Dislike it ! Agree to or Disagree to it ! I am least bothered!
I am just going to write my views !
The walls that I had built around , am bringing 'em down !

Happy Reading!!