Sunday, June 3, 2012


“Move on with life, she will come back if she is in your destiny" .. said a friend of mine !!
"Move on ??" I asked .. "But how on earth ??
My eyes don’t settle on anybody else" !!
Am I obsessed ??
No !! I am not !!
It’s just that I put "you" before me !! The sweet voice .. The twinkling eyes !!
Oh !!!!! "You" mean the world to me !! I will let "you" go when the time comes for opening new chapters in your life !! When in our different worlds .. someday you shall be pronounced as "his wife" !! But even in our separate worlds .. when I will sit down and think !!
I know "You" would still not let me sleep a wink !! Cherishing all the moments we ever spent together or did we??...Yes!! in my dreams.. we did!!
Laughing .. Crying .. Blushing .. Dancing .. through every changing weather !! I may laugh then at the foolishness I thought was love !! But I know I will find my eyes wet .. thinking of the day when I gave my feelings a shove !!
"You" were special and will always be !! Throughout my life......